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Topless Iranian Women 'Say No To Political Islam'


A screen grab from the "Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar" video, which claims to be part of an effort to support "women's rights and free expression."
This video of topless Europe-based Iranian women is making the rounds. They say in the video that their nudity "is a 'no' to political Islam."

The video is indeed provocative. But it's unclear how the video or "purchas[ing] a copy of the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar" would actually "go towards supporting women's rights and free expression," as the clip states.

It follows a recent video campaign to promote a handful of actors as well as bodily and artistic freedom in which Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani appeared partially nude. That video, for the French magazine "Madame Le Figaro," sparked heated debate among Iranians on social media after it was released in January.

Farahani (who appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2008 film "Body Of Lies") had previously said she'd been discouraged by Iranian authorities from returning to the country.

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