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Silly Dictators Story #19: Iran's Enemies Now 'Destroy Rainclouds, Cause Drought'

"Hands off our rain, enemies of Iran!"
"Hands off our rain, enemies of Iran!"
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad doesn't blame Iran's naturally dry climate or global warming for the drought-like conditions the country is facing.

Instead, Ahmadinejad has accused his country's "enemies" of dissipating rainclouds before they arrive in the Islamic republic.

"The enemy destroys the clouds that are headed toward our country and this is a war Iran will win," Ahmadinejad said, according to a Reuters report that cites BBC Persian and Iranian website

Ahmadinejad apparently made the same argument during a dry spell last year, when he accused the West of plotting to cause drought in Iran.

Back in April 2010, RFE/RL reported that Ahmadinejad prayed for rain in Orumyeh in Iran’s Western Azerbaijan Province.

As soon as he finished his speech, raindrops began falling -- at least according to the hard-line Fars news agency.

-- Courtney Brooks

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