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The Rundown - January 11

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows
Fareed Zakaria has an exclusive interview with Adm. Mike Mullen
# The analysis of "Shields & Brooks"
# "This Week" talks about the economy with Christina Romer
# "Face the Nation" discusses terrorism with Pete Hoekstra and Diane Feinstein

Iran has offered a fuel swap deal in nuclear negotiations
# Gen. David Petraeus say the U.S. military has contingency plans for strikes in Iran
# A parliamentary panel has found a prosecutor guilty of killing three detained protestors
# The UAE and Germany haverequested that Iran be more "cooperative"

"Dawn" reports that the Pakistani army may "take action" in North Waziristan
# Sean McFate on how to build an Afghan army

# Dmitry Trenin on the Putin-Medvedev system of governance
# A Russian business group may purchase Ukraine's largest steel producer

U.S. Foreign Policy/Politics
# Leon Panetta on theCIA's role in the world
# Bruce Hoffman on al-Qeada's new strategy
# Fareed Zakaria urges Americans to stay calm
# Nikolas Gvosdev discusses Obama as a realist
# Eliot Cohen takes measure of Obama's foreign policy one year on

RFE/RL Broadcast Region
The "FT" editorializes on Ukraine's presidential election
# "The Economist" reports on the press in Kyrgyzstan
# "The New York Times" reports on the train going from Sarajevo to Belgrade (w/ photo gallery)

-- Zach Peterson

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