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The Rundown - January 14

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Two ex-Iranian presidents condemn the killing of one of Iran's top scientists
# John Hannah on the arrest of Mohammed Taqi Khalaji
# Nazenin Ansari and Jonathan Paris on the future of Iran
# Adrian Hamilton on outside commentators' views on Iran
# China's commitment to the P5+1 group seems to be waning
# Juliet Lapidos wonders how many nuclear scientists Iran has

NATO may create the position of chief civilian coordinator for Afghanistan
# NATO's top military commander expects more NATO troops in Afghanistan

Nikolai Petrov on predicting Russian governors
# Russia's state-run tv has a new cartoon starring Vladimir Putin

Of Interest
David Ignatius thinks Obama needs to continue to reach out to Muslims
# Al-Qaeda and the FARC reportedly have a fleet of airplanes in regular use
# Ken Allard on the U.S. national security bureaucracy
# The "Wall Street Journal" previews the Ukrainian elections
# The "Financial Times" editorializes on Croatia's EU candidacy
# Ranj Alaaldin on de-Ba'athification in Iraq
# Timothy Garton Ash on the Islam4UK group
# Joseph Nye on military power

-- Zach Peterson

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