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The Rundown - February 2

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The EU will name a new civilian envoy to Afghanistan soon
# Rahimullah Yusufzai is not optimistic on Taliban negotiations
# Hamida Ghafour thinks Afghanistan's youth are the key to peace
# Una Moore points out the lack of women at the London Afghanistan conference
# Pakistan's Army chief tells foreign journalists that Pakistan wants a stable Afghanistan
# H.D.S. Greenway on the tenuous prospects for peace with the Taliban
# "The New York Times" reports on the Taliban's tactics
# Bruce Reidel on why Mehsud's death would not be such a big deal

Bret Stephens has 7 myths about Iran
# Iran has released Mehdi Khalaji from prison
# Mary Dejevsky does not want to see a military strike on Iran
# Heather Hurlburt discusses the multi-faceted threat from Iran
# The "Christian Science Monitor" editorializes on U.S. diplomacy with Iran

Julia Ioffe on the appointment of a pop singer to the Duma
# Irina Yasina on the looming economic disaster facing Russia
# "The Moscow Times" reports on the continuing drama in Rechnik

"The New York Times" on the return of salons to Iraq

Of Interest
Larry Diamond thinks it's oil, not Islam, that precludes democracy from the Arab world
# Carl Bildt and Radek Sikorski on U.S. nukes in Europe
# "Foreign Policy" hands out the Oscars for international politics

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