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The Rundown - February 10

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Maziar Bahari asks Ayatollah Khamenei to free imprisoned journalist
# Reza Aslan thinks Iran is on the brink
# Jason Rezaian doesn't see the regime going anywhere soon
# Saba Farzan on the children of the 1979 revolution
# Trita Parsi and Alireza Nader on how Washington can help Iran's Green Movement
# Robert Wright discusses Iranian domestic politics
# Jeff Jacoby thinks gentle diplomacy with Iran will not work

The Kremlin may yet back stronger action against Iran
# Leo Aron ponders Medvedev as Gorbachev
# Gregory Zalasky on unrest in the North Caucasus

Five high-ranking ISI officials are set to retire this year
# Tayyib Siddiqui on Pakistan's image abroad
# Pakistan wants to be included in talks with the Afghan Taliban
# Norine MacDonald questions the new NATO/U.S. offensive in Afghanistan
# "Dawn" reports on James Jones' trip to Pakistan
# How Turkey can help NATO in Afghanistan
# Fatima Bhutto on how the wealthy commit no crimes in Pakistan

Of Interest
CNN interviews Viktor Yanukovich
# Matthew Kroenig on why Russia and China are loathe to stand up to Iran
# Steven Pifer sees "Ukraine fatigue" in many Western capitals
# Ramzan Kadyrov has dropped his libel case against Ludmila Alexeyeva
# Al Kamen's "In the Loop"

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