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The Rundown - February 11

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Iran - Politics
Reuel Marc Gerecht discusses Iran's internal politics
# A primer on 22 Bahman
# The Iranian government has blocked Google's email service
# Trita Parsi on defending human rights in Iran
# Jason Shams on the network fueling the protests
# An Iranian bodybuilder paints himself green, gets expelled from competition
# The "Washington Post" ed board on U.S.-Iran relations
# Masoud Golsorkhi on the reclamation of the revolution

Iran - Sanctions

# The U.S. imposes new sanctions on members of the IRGC
# Ulrike Putz does not think the regime fears sanctions
# Mark Dubovitz thinks sanctions are working

A senior Pakistani official claims Hakimullah Mehsud is dead
# Hassina Sherjan on rule of law in Afghanistan
# Joe Biden is concerned about Pakistan
# Imtiaz Gul thinks U.S.-Pakistan relations are improving

Vladimir Antonov defends Russian companies' investments abroad
# Fraser Cameron on growing public angst in Russia
# Ariel Cohen thinks the U.S. needs to engage Russia on civil society matters

Broadcast Region
Timothy Garton Ash on EU-Ukraine relations
# An film director in Uzbekistan has been convicted of slander
# Smugglers were caught with Iraqi artifacts in Dubai
# David Phillips on Turkey-Armenia relations
# Simon Shuster on Turkmenistan's leadership

American Politics/Foreign Policy
Francis Fukuyama ponders the "freedom agenda"
# Former U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson has died

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