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The Rundown - February 16

News & views on RFE/RL's broadcast region

"The New York Times" reports on the offensive in Marjah
# Parag Khanna discusses the permanency of the Taliban
# Philip Stephens thinks it's time to think of leaving Afghanistan
# Ron Moreau & Sami Yousafzai don't think the U.S. can buy off the Taliban

A top Taliban military commander has been arrested in Karachi
# Irfan Husian on Pakistan-India relations
# John Kerry urges India and Pakistan to engage one another
# Michael Crowley discusses military cooperation between the U.S. and Pakistan

Bennett Ramberg thinks the U.S. must support Iran's pragmatists
# Hillary Clinton thinks Iran is becoming a military dictatorship...
# ...Amir Taheri agrees
# "The Independent" wants some new thinking on the Middle East from the U.S.
# Binyamin Netanyahu is pressing for sanctions on Iran on a trip to Moscow
# "Global Post" on a 4-student school in Iran
# Helene Cooper discusses the difficulties of engaging Iran
# Blake Hounshell on the prospects for sanctions on Iran

Alexei Pankin on the power of television in Russia
# Yevgeny Bazhanov discusses the collapse of the Soviet Union
# Vladislav Surkov thinks "consolidated power is the instrument of modernization"
# Maxim Trudolyubov on Russia's media landscape

Of Interest
Joseph Nye discusses U.S. public diplomacy
# Jim Hoagland on Obama's Asia policy
# Paul Mozur thinks China's censorship is self-defeating
# "The National" reports on the smuggling of Iraq's artifacts

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