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The Rundown - March 1

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows
The analysis of Shields and Brooks
# Fareed Zakaria interviews George Soros
# "Meet the Press" sits down with John McCain
# "Face the Nation" talks U.S. health care
# Nancy Pelosi appears on "This Week"

The latest statement from Mir Hussein Mousavi
# Jamsheed Choksy on the "Iranian world order"
# Bruce Reidel & Michael O'Hanlon don't think it wise to bomb Iran

N.V. Subramanian on Iran's role in Afghan stability
The offensive in Marjah is winding down
# Dexter Filkins reviews "In the Graveyard of Empires"

Sumit Ganguly doesn't think the Pakistani military will cede anything to India
# The "Boston Globe" editorializes on India-Pakistan talks
# Harsh Pant thinks an isolated India could be dangerous

Richard Lourie bemoans the state of Russian science
# Michael Idov on Russia's dismal showing at the Olympics

Nuri al-Maliki is being accused of buying votes with guns
# The "LA Times" profiles the rise (again) of Ahmed Chalabi
# Ad Melkert thinks Iraq's elections are a sign of normalcy
# Kori Schake hopes Obama gets serious about Iraq
# The "Wall Street Journal" reports on the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq

"Foreign Policy" interviews Georgia's National Security Advisor Eda Tkeshelashvili
# Tedo Jeparidze on Georgia's democracy

Viktor Yanukovich is the George W. Bush of Ukrainian politics
# Yevgeny Kiselyov on Patriarch Kirill's visit to Kiev

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
The U.S. will issue a new national intelligence estimate on Iran
# Niall Ferguson on the fall of the American Empire
# Mike McConnell on U.S. cyber security

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