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The Rundown - April 9

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Russia has recognized the new Kyrgyz leadership
# "Another Chance for Democracy" - Semyonov & Abdrisaev, "The Washington Post"
# "Kyrgyzstan's 'Analog Revolution'" - Evgeny Morozov, "Foreign Policy"
# "How the Uprising Happened" - Kumar Bekbolotov, "The Daily Beast"
# Sarah Kendzior on social media in Kyrgyzstan
# "A Russian Revolution?" - Simon Tisdall, "The Guardian"
# "The Christian Science Monitor" reports on Manas

START Treaty
"'Reset' May Stall" - Nabi Abdullaev, "Moscow Times"
# Graham Allison assesses for "The Washington Post"
# "An American Treaty" - Julia Ioffe, "National Interest"
# "The Last Tango in Prague" - Michael Bohm, "Moscow Times"

"Radical Islam & Russian Policy Caused Bombings" - Richard Weitz, "The Daily Star"
# Anatoly Dobrynin has died at the age of 90
# Vladimir Kara-Murza on how the Kremlin targets journalists

"A Peculiarly Punjabi Problem" - Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, "International Herald Tribune"
# Pakistan's Parliament passes a bill curbing presidential powers
# "Afghanistan and the Decline of American Power" - Fouad Ajami, "The Wall Street Journal"

"Iraq Needs Help to Avoid Sectarianism" - Zalmay Khalilzad, "Financial Times"

Russia supports limited sanctions on Iran

Of Interest
"The Armenian Genocide and Turkey" - Bidder, Steinvorth & Zand, "Der Spiegel"
# "China Will Get Democracy by 2030" - Q & A with Kerry Brown, "The Diplomat"
# "Were People Born to Believe?" - Matthew Taylor, "The Telegraph"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
"Obama is a President with an Endgame" - Phillip Stevens, "Financial Times"
# Embassy Row from "The Washington Times"

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