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The Rundown - April 12

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Sunday Talk Show Round-up
David Brooks and Ruth Marcus on the "PBS Newshour"
#"Face the Nation" talks to Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton...
# ...As does "This Week"

"Blood in the Streets of Bishkek" - Ben Judah, "Foreign Policy"
# "When Patience Runs Out" - Paul Quinn-Judge, "International Herald Tribune"
# Some blame Russia for fueling unrest in Kyrgyzstan
# "Chaos in Kyrgyzstan" - Erica Marat, "Moscow Times"

Barack Obama met with Kazakh President Nazarbayev
"The Wall Street Journal" reports on the meetings with Kazakh officials

"Poland & Russia: Reconciled in Tragedy" - Jaroslaw Kurski, "The Guardian"
# "Two Sides of Russia" - Editorial, "Christian Science Monitor"

"Our Man in Afghanistan" - Fareed Zakaria, "Newsweek"
# "Learning to Love Crazy Karzai" - Robert Haddick, "Foreign Policy"
# "Compromising with the Taliban" - Doyle McManus, "LA Times"
# Richard Holbrooke and David Petraeus met with Hamid Karzai

Pakistan released two "senior Taliban officials"
# "No Military Takeover in Pakistan, for Now" - Shaukat Qadir, "The National"
# India is concerned with U.S. military aid to Pakistan

Nouri al-Maliki's party claims fraud in recent elections
# The "LA Times" interviews Iyad Allawi

Iran has set up its own nuclear conference
# "Iran Mideast Peace" - Ray Takeyh, "The Washington Post"

Of Interest
"The Wall Street Journal" eulogizes Lech Kaczynski
# "Would Allah Ban the Burqa?" - Chopra & Khan, "The Daily Beast"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
"How Not to Run an Empire" - Tom Malinowski, "Foreign Policy"

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