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The Rundown - April 20

2 people are dead after violence breaks out in Bishkek


# The government has banned the two remaining opposition parties
# "Confused on Iran" - Editorial, "The Washington Post"
# "The Truth About a Nuclear Iran" - Meir Javendafar, "The Diplomat"
# "Stop Talking Down to Iran" - Reza Aslan, "The Daily Beast"

# Anna Badkhen on "revenge rapes" in Afghanistan
# Jean macKenzie reports on the coalition offensive in Kandahar

# "Nuclear Hazards" - Huma Yusuf, "Dawn"

# A study says Russia will run out of oil in 22 years and gas in less than 10
# "United Incompetence" - Nikolai Petrov, "Moscow Times"
# "Russia's New Push for Power" - Judith Miller, "The Daily Beast"

# U.S. and Iraqi forces announce the killing of two top Al Qaeda officials in Iraq
# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on the vote recount in Baghdad
# "They Fled From Our War" - Deborah Amos, "New York Review of Books"

Of Interest
# Mikhail Saakashvili on Georgia's democracy
# "Don't Kill Bin Laden" - Matthew Alexander, "National Interest"
# Hackers gained access to Google's central password system in last year's cyber attack
# "Plotting the Next Mideast War" - Bret Stephens, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "The New York Times" reports on the internet as a political and social force in Indonesia

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Iran, Sanctions, and the Memo" - Editorial, "The New York Times"
# David Brooks on the internet and political polarization
# "The Death of the American Century" - Henry Allen, "The Washington Post"

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