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The Rundown - May 14

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# The "PBS Newshour" interviews General Stanley McChrystal
# "An Imaginary Friend in Kabul" - Amy Davidson, "The New Yorker"
# Afghanistan's poppy crop is being hit dy a disease

# "Time" reports on the Pakistani military's offensive against the Taliban
# Pakistan has arrested a suspect in the Times Square bomb plot
# Power outages sweep across Karachi

# "A New and Modern Foreign Policy" - Dmitry Trenin, "Moscow Times"
# "Russia Re-asserting Itself is Inevitable" - Dominic Lieven, "Financial Times"
# IKEA is learning (and mastering) how to do business in Russia
# "A Predator of the Press" - Alexei Pankin, "Moscow Times"

# "Iran Risking Mutli-Front War" - Meir Javendafar, "The Diplomat"
# "Foreign Policy" reports on movement towards sanctioning Iran

Of Interest
# Supporters of Kurmanbek Bakiyev have taken over government buildings in Southern Kyrgyzstan
# "Real Muslims Don't Allow Censorship" - Harris Zafar, "USA Today"
# Michael Young compares liberals in the West to those in the Arab world
# "Georgian Women Seek Virginity Restoration" - Martin Tsekov, "GlobalPost"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Josh Rogin reports on U.S.-Pakistan relations
# Evgeny Morozov on how to become an internet freedom warrior
# "Can Obama Save his Afghan Surge?" - Jackson Diehl, "The Washington Post"
# Barack Obama is enlisting republicans to help push the START Treaty
# "The New Jack Bauer Republicans" - Benjamin Sarlin, "The Daily Beast"

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