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The Rundown - May 24

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Sunday Talk Show Roundup
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks
# Fareed Zakaria interviews Mikhail Sakaashvili and discusses Russia

# A Pakistani soldier has been killed by an Indian counterpart in Kashmir
# "Our Political and Moral Decay" - Ahmed Quraishi, "News International"
# "The Men Whose Hands Were Chopped Off" - Farhat Taj, "Express Tribune"

# The "Christian Science Monitor" on a security firm close to Karzai's brother bidding for a contract
# "The New York Times" reports on the U.S. military's reconciliation process with the Taliban
# "Into Kandahar, Yesterday and Tomrrow" - John F. Burns, "The New York Times"
# The "PBS Newshour" interviews Abdullah Abdullah
# Steve Coll discusses the new British government and the country's mission in Afghanistan
# A long-planned peace jirga has been postponed for the second time

# Tehran says the fuel swap is off if sanctions are on
# "Diplomacy, Iranian Style" - Roya Hakakian, "World Affairs Journal"
# "Iran: From Hostage Crisis to the Bomb" - Warren Kozak, "The Wall Street Journal"

# "Journalists Throw Light on Russia's Murky Underworld" - Carl Schreck, "The National"
# The Kremlin is aiming to ban gifts to bureaucrats
# Gazprom says Belarus owes it $192 miilion

Of Interest
# "The Guardian" reports on an Irsrael-South Africa nuclear weapons deal in 1975
# Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on his website's privacy settings
# "Turkey's Other Dirty War" - Rodrik & Dogan, "The New Republic"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Barack Obama's remarks at West Point
# Anwar Al-Awlaki advocates killing American civilians
Fred Hiatt on the absence of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from American politics

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