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The Rundown - June 17

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# "Kyrgyzstan Needs Outside Help" - Erica Marat, "Moscow Times"
# Simon Shuster on why Russia is not intervening in Kyrgyzstan

# A photo gallery by Afghan teenagers
# "Captured by the Taliban" - Jere Van Dyk, "Newsweek"
# "The Afghan Roller Coaster" - Editorial, "The Washington Post"
# Carl Schramm thinks people are still Afghanistan's most valuable resource

# "Damn Foreigners..." - Sami Shah, "The Express Tribune"

# "Kurdish Promise" - Ian Klaus, "The New Republic"
# "The New York Times" reports on strife along the Iran-Iraq border
# "Why Iran will Continue to Shell Iraq" - Ranj Alaaldin, "The Guardian"

# Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticizes the Iranian morality police

Of Interest
# "The Future of EU-Russia Relations" - Radoslaw Sikorski, "International Herald Tribune"
# "The Way Forward on Missile Defense" - Flournoy & Carter, "The Wall Street Journal"
# Ratko Mladic's family wants him to be declared "deceased"
# The "Christian Science Monitor" editorializes on NATO's role in the world

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# BP has agreed to a $20 billion fund for oil spill victims
# "There's No One Under the Bus" - Sam Charap, "Foreign Policy"
# "The Military Money Pit" - Joshua Green, "Boston Globe"

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