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Ukraine Arrests Man Reportedly Planning Attack In France

The Ukrainian Border Guard has confirmed a media report that a Frenchman with a cache of weapons and explosives to be used allegedly in a planned attack in France was arrested on the Ukrainian-Polish border in late May.

French broadcaster M6 reported on June 3 that the 25-year-old was arrested by Ukrainian border guards with an arsenal of weapons and explosives including rocket launchers and Kalashnikov assault rifles in his vehicle.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Border Guard, Oleh Slobodyan, on June 4 confirmed the arrest.

A spokeswoman for Ukraine's SBU security service declined to comment.

According to Reuters, the man is still being held by Ukrainian authorities pending a possible extradition request from Paris.

The French Interior Ministry said the case is being handled by judicial officials.

The M6 report said he was planning an attack in Paris, although few other details were provided.

Security officials in Europe are on high alert after gunmen killed 130 in Paris in November last year and suicide bombers blew themselves up at Brussels airport and on the metro in March, killing 32.

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