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An activist stops a lorry near the village of Chongar, in the Kherson region adjacent to Crimea.

Live Blog: Ukraine In Crisis (ARCHIVE)

Follow all of the latest developments as they happen.

Final Summary For September 21

-- NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has called on Russia to withdraw heavy weapons from eastern Ukraine.

-- No trucks have passed through the administrative border from mainland Ukraine to Crimea overnight, according to Oleh Slobodyan, the spokesperson for Ukraine’s State Border Service.

-- Hundreds of pro-Kyiv activists from Crimea's Tatar community and other opposition activists are taking part in the blockade of roads from Ukraine to the Crimean peninsula to protest Russia's annexation of the region last year.

-- The German government has criticized Russia for not distancing itself from plans by Russian-backed separatists to hold local elections in eastern Ukraine without consulting Kyiv.

*NOTE: Times are stated according to local time in Kyiv

19:21 20.9.2015

Radio Svoboda reports: "Are Reforms In Ukraine Ensuring Growth Or Resuscitating The State?"

19:04 20.9.2015

A Radio Svoboda report on the reduction in educational institutions in Crimea since the Russian annexation.

18:57 20.9.2015

The opposition rally outside of Moscow today:

18:56 20.9.2015

18:53 20.9.2015

A report by RFE/RL's Radio Svoboda on how different religious groups in Ukraine have helped since the crisis in eastern Ukraine began.

23:16 19.9.2015

This ends our live blogging for September 19. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our continuing coverage.

19:41 19.9.2015

17:59 19.9.2015

Ukrainian TV channel drops show prompting censorship accusations

Kiev (dpa) - A popular television show in Ukraine was dropped by the broadcaster shortly before it was due to air, prompting the presenter to Saturday accuse Kiev of censorship amid mounting concerns over press freedom in the country.

Savik Shuster, the presenter of the political talkshow Shuster Live, hit out with claims that pro-Western President Petro Poroschenko was no better than his corrupt predecessor Viktor Yanukovych.

The 1+1 broadcaster cited public unrest as a reason for axeing the "extremely tense and politicized" show.

Poroshenko on Wednesday signed a decree to ban about 400 people, including dozens of foreign journalists, from entering Ukraine on the grounds that they posed a threat to national security.

Most of the journalists on the list were Russian, and the measure was widely seen as a response to coverage of pro-Russian separatists in the country's east, whom the government has outlawed as terrorists.

The Ukrainian leader later signed an order revoking the ban against several journalists of British, Spanish and German citizenship.

Yanukovych, the pro-Russian former leader, was ousted amid mass protests in Kiev that called for closer ties with the European Union.

17:57 19.9.2015

17:43 19.9.2015

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