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Ukrainian Lawmakers Reject Bill To Double Their Own Salaries

Anticorruption campaigners demonstrate outside parliament in Kyiv last month.

Ukrainian lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have at least doubled their own salaries amid media reports about wealth and incomes of government officials and members of parliament.

On November 1, a majority of lawmakers in Kyiv voted to reject the October 20 proposal.

The legislation would have increased the monthly salaries of lawmaker to more than 40,000 hryvnyas (about $1,500).

The average salary for Ukrainians is currently between $200 and $300 per month.

October 30 was the last day for Ukrainian officials to fill out electronically income declarations.

Media reports from preliminary data obtained from those declarations placed President Petro Poroshenko and several lawmakers from his political party on a list of the richest individuals in Ukraine with assets in cash and property valued at millions of dollars across the country.