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Abrupt Uzbek Gasoline Price Hike Catches Many By Surpise

Previous gasoline price rises in Tashkent have never been so abrupt.
TASHKENT -- Gasoline prices in Uzbekistan have abruptly increased by up to 20 percent overnight.

The average gasoline price, depending on type, ranged from $0.77 to $0.90 per liter until the morning of January 10.

As of that date, prices now vary between $0.90 and $1.10 per liter.

Government officials said the decision to increase the price was made on January 9, but was not made public to prevent possible queues at fueling stations.

Uzbekistan has been enduring a gasoline crisis for months due to problems faced by the country's largest oil refinery in the Ferghana region.

However, previous gasoline price hikes have never been so abrupt.