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Uzbek Activist Says Staged Rape Claim Led To Beating

Uzbek human rights activist Fakhriddin Tillaev (poor quality)
Uzbek opposition activist Fakhriddin Tillaev and his wife were beaten by a mob following what the activist said was a staged rape accusation.

Tillaev, 42, is an active member of the opposition Erk (Freedom) party and a human rights defender.

He told RFE/RL on August 28 that a neighbor knocked on his door on August 23 and when he opened it, he saw she was completely naked.

He said the woman then began screaming that he was raping her.

Tillaev said a crowd attacked him and his wife.

He said no charges have been filed against him and he has asked the police to investigate.

Several Uzbek activists have been convicted of rape recently, including Hasan Choriev, the 71-year-old father of the Birdamlik opposition movement's leader, and Bobomurod Razzokov, a 61-year-old human rights activist.