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Wrong Kazakh Anthem Played At Sports Event

Kazakhstan's former national anthem has been played at an international sports event in South Korea.

Organizers of the 2014 Women's World Amateur Boxing Championships in the city of Jeju apologized to the Kazakh national team's coach for playing the anthem at a ceremony on November 24.

Kazakh boxer Nazym Qyzaibai was awarded with a golden medal at the ceremony.

In 2006, Kazakhstan's 1956 popular song "My Kazakhstan" was adopted as the new anthem, with modified lyrics.

But wrong Kazakh anthems had been played at international and domestic sports events in recent years.

In March 2012, a spoof of the Kazakh national anthem from the satiric film "Borat" was played while Kazakh champion Maria Dmitrienko received a gold medal at the Kuwait International Shooting Grand Prix.

Based on reporting by Interfax and