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Yerevan Traffic Police Officer Accused Of Killing Two During Failed Bank Robbery

Armenian police officers stand guard after a fatal shooting incident at a branch of HSBC Bank in Yerevan on May 3.

YEREVAN -- Police in Yerevan have arrested a traffic police officer in the Armenian capital on charges that he killed two men -- a bank employee and another police officer -- while trying to rob a bank on May 3.

Yerevan's police department identified the suspect as Yerevan traffic police Colonel Daniel Danielian.

Earlier on May 3, authorities said that a man armed with a hand grenade, a rifle, and a knife rushed into a branch of HSBC Bank Armenia in downtown Yerevan and attacked two bank employees -- killing one and wounding the other.

They said the attacker took an unspecified amount of cash and was trying to flee when police arrived.

Authorities said the attacker fired his rifle at police and wounded one officer who died later of his injuries.

They said the attacker was then detained.