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Second Round Of Iranian Parliamentary Vote Under Way

7 May 2004 -- Run-off elections for the Iranian parliament got under way today in a poll that is not expected to yield any surprises.

There are 57 seats in 39 constituencies at stake in this second round to complete the 290-seat legislature. According to Reformists, among the 114 candidates running today only 17 are from the pro-reform camp.

Reformists suffered a big setback in the first round of parliamentary voting after the Guardians Council -- a conservative body which vets all candidates -- barred some 2,300 reformers from running.

Conservatives made sweeping gains winning over 150 out of 290 seats. Reformists, who held 190 seats in the outgoing parliament, won around 40, with 30 going to independents.

Polls will close this evening at 3:30 p.m. Prague time.