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Three Killed In Bomb Attack In Northern Iraq

11 May 2004 -- Iraqi police say a bomb has exploded in a crowded market in the northern city of Kirkuk.

Police officers said at least three people were killed and 23 were injured by the explosion, which took place in a Kurdish neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Japan says the killing of a Dutch soldier near the Japanese base in Iraq will not affect its efforts to help rebuild the country. Military officials in the Netherlands have confirmed that a Dutch soldier died from a grenade attack in the southern town of Samawa. The killing yesterday was the first to hit the contingent of some 1,250 Dutch soldiers who are serving in the U.S.-led coalition.

Japan has sent 550 troops to Samawa to provide humanitarian assistance. The chief cabinet secretary, Hiroyuki Hosada, said in Tokyo that there will be "no particular change" in Japanese troop operations "at the moment."

In another development today, the majority of Dominican troops sent to Iraq returned home late yesterday. Their mission was cut short by about three months following criticism at home and Spain's withdrawal of its soldiers. The 260 soldiers were each personally greeted by the Dominican Republic's president and armed forces chief.