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Iraqi Insurgents Kill 12 In Al-Fallujah

Al-Fallujah had been calm since last month's fighting 9 June 2004 -- Insurgents launched mortar attacks against Iraqi security forces in the western town of Al-Fallujah today, killing 12 Iraqis and wounding at least 10 other people.

It was the first reported attack in Al-Fallujah following last month's fighting between U.S. troops and the insurgents.

Meanwhile, saboteurs today blew up part of Iraq's Kirkuk-Turkey oil pipeline some 80 kilometers south of Kirkuk.

Also today, the Polish military confirmed that an explosion that killed six soldiers -- three Slovaks, two Poles, and one Latvian -- yesterday in Iraq was a mortar attack, not an accidental ammunition explosion as initially believed.

(compiled from wire reports)