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Bosnia Serb Police Fail To Find War-Crime Suspect

26 June 2004 -- Bosnian Serb police failed today to capture Savo Todorovic, indicted for crimes against Muslims during the war in Bosnia.

Police searched for Todorovic in the eastern village of Celebici.

A police statement said they had failed to find Todorovic or "any documents or items that could link him with criminal acts of a war crime."

Todorovic was indicted in 1997 by the U.N. war crimes tribunal in The Hague for crimes against Muslims in eastern Bosnia early in the 1992-95 war.

International peace overseer Paddy Ashdown warned on 25 June that he would take specific measures if Bosnian Serbs failed to arrest any war crimes fugitives by next week's NATO summit in Istanbul. He did not elaborate.

Bosnia wants to join NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) cooperation forum but NATO says this won't happen as long as key war crimes suspects remain at large.