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Iraq Issues Arrest Warrants For Chalabis

Iraq's chief investigating judge, Zuhair al-Maliky, has issued an arrest warrant for Ahmad Chalabi, a former Iraqi Governing Council member, on counterfeiting charges.

Another warrant has been issued for Chalabi's nephew, Salem Chalabi, the head of Iraq's special tribunal, on murder charges.

The judge said today the two men would be questioned and -- if there is enough evidence -- they would be sent to trial.

The Associated Press reports the warrants, issued yesterday, accused Ahmad Chalabi of counterfeiting old Iraqi dinars, which were then changed it into new dinars in the street.

Salem Chalabi, who is the head of the tribunal trying ousted President Saddam Hussein, was named as a suspect in the June murder of Haithem Fadhil, director general of the Finance Ministry.

Both Chalabis are currently out of the country. Ahmed Chalabi told CNN in Tehran that he is prepared to meet the charges "head on."