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New Mass Grave Found In Southeastern Bosnia

9 August 2004 -- Bosnian forensic experts today began excavating a mass grave found at the weekend near an abandoned coal mine in the village of Miljevina, southeast Bosnia.

National radio quotes Amor Masovic, the head of the Bosnian Commission on Missing Persons, as saying the grave could contain the remains of hundreds of Bosnian Muslims killed near Foca at the beginning of the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

About 400 Bosnian Muslims from the region were executed early in 1992 at the town's prison after Bosnian Serbs took control over the area.

Most of the victims remain unaccounted for. Last week, experts exhumed the bodies of 28 Bosnian Muslims, also
believed to be victims from Foca prison, at a location on the road between Miljevina and Foca.