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UN's Experts Say Antiterror Measures Ineffective

27 August 2004 -- Experts say UN measures aimed at crippling Al-Qaeda have had little impact on the threat of terrorism and need to be tightened.

Experts monitoring the implementation of UN sanctions against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban made the conclusions in a status report given to the Security Council last night.

The report said that no nation has ever reported blocking an arms sale or barring passage to anyone on the UN list of individuals or groups with suspected ties to the Al-Qaeda network.

Thirty-four nations have reported freezing assets of people or organizations with ties to Al-Qaeda. But the UN report detailed how little it cost Al-Qaeda to mount operations. It says Al-Qaeda spent less than $50,000 on each of its major attacks except the 11 September 2001 suicide hijackings in the United States.


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