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Gunmen Kill AP Driver In Iraq

3 September 2004 -- Gunmen ambushed an Associated Press driver today, riddling his car with bullets and killing him near his home in Baghdad.

Ismail Taher Mohsin, an Iraqi, was alone in his car when he was attacked this morning.

In other news, Islamic militants in Iraq have handed over two French journalists to a moderate Iraqi group. One French newspaper said the hostages were now with a Sunni Muslim opposition group who have said they would release them.

French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier said he had received information that both hostages were alive and well.

The two French journalists disappeared two weeks ago on their way to Al-Najaf.

Meanwhile, the Arab television network Al-Jazeera said it has received a video showing the execution of three Turkish hostages by an Iraqi militant group believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda. Police in Iraq reported finding the bodies of three Turkish truck drivers north of Baghdad but it was not confirmed if they were the hostages.

(compiled from agency reports)

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