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Militant Group Claims Killing Of Three Hostages In Iraq

16 September 2004 -- A group linked to Al-Qaeda has claimed the killing of three truck drivers in Iraq, as several more foreign hostages were seized today by militants.

A group calling itself the Army of Ansar al-Sunna posted a video showing three captive men who identified themselves and spoke in Arabic. The video showed what appeared to be the killing of the hostages.

The video was released a day after the decapitated bodies of three men were found on a road north of Baghdad.

Meanwhile today, armed men abducted two Americans and one British national from their homes in western Baghdad.

Police reported that a Syrian truck driver was also kidnapped. But another truck driver, a Jordanian, was reportedly released by his captors.

More than 100 foreign nationals have been kidnapped in recent months in Iraq. Most have been released, but about 20 hostages have been executed.