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France, Britain, Germany To Offer Iran Nuclear Deal

21 October 2004 -- Representatives from France, Britain, and Germany are expected to meet Iranian officials today and offer the Islamic Republic incentives to end uranium-enrichment plans or face UN sanctions.

Yesterday, Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said he had no details about the proposal, but said he is open to negotiations.

"I still do not know what the European proposal is. But we have always stated that we are ready for negotiations and talks. We are also ready to reach understanding. We expect recognition of our unquestionable right, and not being deprived of having [access to] peaceful nuclear technology under the IAEA's full supervision," Khatami said.

Reports say the three European countries will offer to support Iranian construction of a light-water nuclear reactor, which provides little help in the development of atomic weapons.

The meeting in Vienna comes in advance of a 25 November session of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency over Iran's nuclear activities. The agency has demanded Iran freeze all uranium enrichment activities.

The United States is seeking UN Security Council sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. Iran denies trying to make nuclear weapons.