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Al-Fallujah Fighting Persists

15 November 2004 -- The U.S. military continues to attack insurgent positions in Al-Fallujah with warplanes, artillery, and mortars.

The military said the targets for air strikes today included an underground complex of tunnels in southern Al-Fallujah that connected a ring of buildings filled with weapons.

The U.S. military says there are "isolated pockets" of insurgents in Al-Fallujah, and it will take at least four more days to gain full control of the city.

While ground fighting in the week-long battle in Al-Fallujah has eased, attacks by insurgents continue in other parts of Iraq.

Insurgents clashed with Iraqi police in the central Iraqi city of Baqouba again today. Yesterday, insurgents overran two police stations in Mosul, and the Iraqi government sent national guard reinforcements to the northern city. And U.S. helicopter gunships and tanks battled militants in Baiji north of Baghdad.