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IAEA Says Iranian Enrichment Freeze Verified

el-Baradei said today that the additional 20 or so centrifuges are under international surveillance (file photo) 29 November 2004 -- The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today confirmed that Iran has suspended its uranium-enrichment program after agreeing to add 20 disputed centrifuges to a freeze of activities that could be used to develop nuclear weapons.

IAEA Director General Mohammad el-Baradei told reporters in Vienna that the 20 centrifuges are now under international surveillance, making it possible for the UN nuclear watchdog to complete its verification of Iran's decision to suspend all enrichment and reprocessing-related activities.

In London today, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that his country, France, and Germany will "hold Iran to account" over its promises to halt its uranium-enrichment program.

Britain, France, and Germany drafted the latest IAEA resolution on how to police Iran's commitment to freezing all programs linked to uranium enrichment.