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General Who Sieged Sarajevo Surrenders To UN

3 December 2004 -- UN war crimes tribunal chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte said today that a Serbian general indicted for war crimes in the siege of Sarajevo during the 1992-95 Bosnian war has surrendered to the court.

Del Ponte told a news conference that Dragomir Milosevic, who was indicted for the shelling of Sarajevo and the siege of the civilian population, will be transferred today to The Hague from Serbia.

Del Ponte said that the surrender appeared to be voluntary.

Sarajevo was almost ringed by Serbian guns during a 43-month siege that claimed some 10,500 lives, including 1,800 children, and became a symbol of wartime suffering in Bosnia.

General Milosevic was commander of the Sarajevo Corps, which according to the 1998 war crimes tribunal indictment, shelled and shot at civilians.