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Court Orders Milosevic Lawyers To Continue

Milosevic at his war crimes trial in July 7 December 2004 -- Judges from the war crimes tribunal trying Slobodan Milosevic have rejected a request by two defense lawyers to withdraw from the case.

In September, the UN tribunal imposed British lawyers Steven Kay and Gillian Higgins to defend Milosevic against his will to prevent his ill health from further delaying the trial.

Kay and Higgins said they could not defend the former Yugoslav president because he refused to cooperate with them. So they filed a formal request to withdraw from the case.

The tribunal's appeals panel restored Milosevic's right to lead his own defense case in November but said the appointed lawyers should remain available to take over should Milosevic's health prevent him from continuing.

The court trying Milosevic said today that this means Kay and Higgins are still needed and rejected their bid to withdraw.