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Top Police Officials Killed In Iraq

11 December 2004 -- At least three high-ranking Iraqi police officials were killed today as scattered violence was seen throughout the country.

Gunmen in southern Baghdad assassinated an Interior Ministry police brigadier and a colonel. Another police colonel was killed in an ambush near the northern town of Al-Sharqat.

A U.S. aircraft dropped a large bomb on the northern Iraqi city of Mosul after guerrillas attacked a U.S. patrol, setting off a car bomb and then opening fire with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and mortars. No casualty figure was given.

Earlier in the day, another car bomb exploded near a U.S. military convoy in Mosul, injuring at least two passersby.

A third car bomb was detonated in the northern city of Kirkuk, wounding two U.S. soldiers and an interpreter.

Fighting between U.S. Marines and insurgents erupted in Al-Fallujah after days of relative calm following last month's U.S.-led assault on the Sunni Muslim stronghold.

An Iraqi Red Crescent convoy was allowed to deliver humanitarian supplies to Al-Fallujah today, but left before nightfall due to the fighting.


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