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Deadly Attacks Reported On Iraqi Police Stations

28 December 2004 -- There are reports today of attacks on several police stations in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Tikrit, and Samarra resulting in the deaths of around 20 police officers.

In Tikrit, a police spokesman, Major Ali al-Tikriti, said an attack on a police station killed 13 officers and injured two others.

Around Samarra, a U.S. military spokesman said militant attacks on four police checkpoints resulted in the deaths of five Iraqi police officers.

In Baghdad, police said a car bomb targeting an Iraqi National Guard commander killed one person and injured eight others today. A Defense Ministry spokesman said the commander, General Mudhir al-Mula, was not hurt.

The latest violence comes one day after a new audiotape purportedly by Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden praises attacks on U.S. troops and Iraqi government officials.