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Iraqi Premier: Some Areas Not Secure Enough For Voting

Interim Premier Allawi (file photo) 11 January 2005 -- Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said today that some areas of Iraq may be too unsafe to participate in elections on 30 January.

Allawi was quoted as saying "certainly there will be some pockets that will not be able to participate in the elections...but we think it will not be widespread."

Allawi also promised the government would spend $2.2 billion to boost security around the country, increasing the number of troops, and purchasing better equipment.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military in Iraq says six policemen were killed today when a suspected suicide car bomb exploded at the police headquarters in Tikrit.

Also today, authorities said at least seven people were killed when militants attacked a minibus south of Baghdad. The director of the town's hospital said the victims were Iraqis.