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Baghdad Hit By Two Suicide Car Bombings

19 January 2005 -- Two suicide car bombings a few minutes apart rocked Baghdad this morning, killing at least six people in total.

The first attack took place near the Australian Embassy. Police said at least one Iraqi was killed and seven wounded in that attack. Staff at the embassy said no Australians were wounded and that the building had suffered no damage.

U.S. Army Colonel Mike Murray said near the embassy: "We think it was a suicide bomb, that the driver was with the truck when it detonated. Just before he detonated, the vehicle accelerated, so we think the driver was in the vehicle."

Shortly afterward, the second suicide car bomb exploded near a police headquarters building. Later reports said at least five people had been killed.

Insurgents appear to have increased the number of attacks in Iraq ahead of elections on 30 January.

Yesterday, Iraqi electoral officials announced plans to close all Iraq's land borders around the time of the elections to boost security.


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