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U.S. To Work With Any Elected Iraqi Government

7 February 2005 -- U.S. Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte today said that Washington is willing to work with any government that emerges from Iraq's landmark national elections.

Negroponte made his remarks today in Baghdad. He also said that Iraqi security forces will this year begin taking more responsibility for securing the country.

"We see this year as a year when we can begin to make the transition to the government of Iraq and the armed forces of Iraq, the security forces of Iraq, to have the lead in the counterinsurgency effort and in the security effort and shifting more and more to us [the United States] playing a supportive role," Negroponte said.

Negroponte's remarks come as two suicide bombers killed at least 24 people -- mostly police officers -- in the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Baq'uba.

Also today, a militant group posted an internet video of the execution of an Iraqi translator who was working for U.S. forces in Iraq.