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Bomb Destroys Car Of Moderate Kosovo Serb Leader

9 February 2005 -- United Nations officials say an explosion has destroyed a car belonging to a moderate Serbian leader in Kosovo.

No injuries were reported in the blast, which hit the vehicle belonging to Oliver Ivanovic late yesterday in the ethnically divided city of Kosovska Mitrovica.

The blast occurred in the Serbian half of Mitrovica, near where Ivanovic lives. International police were reported to have sealed off the area of the blast and launched an investigation.

Ivanovic, who was home at the time of the blast, told the Associated Press he would not speculate on the motives of whomever had targeted his car.

Ivanovic antagonized Serbian hard-liners when he ran in Kosovo's general elections last October. The vote was otherwise mostly boycotted by Kosovo's Serbian minority, who saw the balloting as a step toward a Kosovo independent of Serbia and dominated by the ethnic Albanian majority.