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Shi'ite Win In Iraqi Elections Confirmed

Prime-ministerial candidate Ibrahim al-Ja'fari after today's announcement 17 February 2005 -- The Iraqi Election Commission has certified the victory of the United Iraqi Alliance, a clergy-backed Shi'ite coalition, in the country's 30 January elections.

The Shi'ite alliance won 140 seats in the 275-seat parliament and was followed by the Kurdish alliance with 75 seats.

A spokeswoman for the commission, Hamdia al-Husseini, made the announcement today at a news conference in Baghdad.

"First, the United Iraqi Alliance with 140 seats. Second, the Kurdish Alliance with 75 seats. Third, the Iraqi List (interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's bloc) with 40 seats. Fourth, the Iraqiyun list (interim President Yawir al-Ghazi's bloc) with five seats. Fifth, the Turkoman list with three seats."

A two-thirds majority, or 182 seats, is needed to confirm the next president, two vice presidents, and the prime minister.

The two leading candidates to be the alliance's nominee for prime minister are interim Vice President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari and Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi.

Ali Hashim al-Youshaa, one of the alliance's leaders, said today the coalition has recruited eight lawmakers from other political parties to join their bloc in parliament. He said talks are under way to recruit more to reach the two-thirds majority.

The full results for the Transitional National Assembly are as follows:

United Iraqi Alliance: 140 seats
Kurdistan Coalition list: 75 seats
Iraqi list: 40 seats
Iraqiyun list: 5 seats
Iraqi Turkoman Front: 3 seats
Independent National Elites and Cadres: 3 seats
Islamic Action Organization in Iraq - Central Command: 2 seats
Kurdistan Islamic Group in Iraq: 2 seats
People's Union: 2 seats
Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc: 1 seat
National Democratic Alliance: 1 seat
Al-Rafidayn list: 1 seat

In the Kurdistan parliamentary elections, the Kurdistan Democratic list won 104 seats, the Kurdistan Islamic Group won 6 seats; and the Zahmatkeshani Kurdistan Party won one seat.


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