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Moldova's Top Court Upholds Election Results

President Voronin's party won the recent elections 17 March 2005 -- Moldova's Constitutional Court today upheld the ruling Communists' victory in parliamentary elections earlier this month.

The court said the elections were carried out democratically, without serious violations that would have influenced the vote.

The court rejected claims by the opposition Democratic Moldova Bloc that it lacked access to the media during the campaign.

Western observers have criticized authorities for their tight control over the state media but gave Moldova a passing grade overall for the electoral process.

The ruling communists won 56 of 101 seats in parliament.

They are five seats short of the majority needed to ensure President Vladimir Voronin's reappointment to another four-year term.

The pro-Russian Democratic Moldova Bloc won 34 seats and the pro-Western Popular Christian Democratic Party secured 11 seats in the legislature.

Both groups have vowed to block Voronin's reappointment as president.