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EU To Increase Funding For Chechnya

Chechen President Alkhanov (file photo) 13 April 2005 -- A delegation of European Union officials toured Chechnya and said later that the EU would give more aid to the Russian republic.

However, the delegation cautioned that the authorities must do more to curb human rights abuses and guarantee democratic reforms.

EU delegation head Hugues Mingarelli said the EU has given nearly 170 million euros to Chechnya since 1999 and was prepared to give more for rebuilding efforts.

But Mingarelli said it was necessary to resolve several questions on human rights, prosecuting those guilty of violating human rights, and conducting democratic elections for parliament.

Pro-Moscow Chechen President Alu Alkhanov said, in turn, that Europe must prosecute Chechens and others that have fled after committing crimes in Chechnya.

Alkhanov also said the authorities in Chechnya were taking all measures to prevent violations of human rights.