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British Police: London 'Open For Business' Tomorrow

10 July 2005 -- A senior British police officer said today that London would be "open for business" tomorrow, just days after terror bombings hit the British capital.

Deputy Chief Constable of the London transport police Andy Trotter encouraged everyone to get back to work and come back to the capital.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddock of the Metropolitan Police said they have received some 1,700 phone calls on special antiterrorism hotlines seeking information about the 7 July bombings.

Paddock appealed for videos, photographs, and cell phone images that might provide clues to the terrorists' identities.

In Italy, Pope Benedict used his Sunday sermon to appeal to the terrorists to stop their acts of hate.

"We pray for the people killed, for those injured and for their loved ones. But we even pray for the attackers: Lord, touch their hearts. To those who foment feelings of hate and carry out such revolting terrorist acts, I say: God loves life, which he created, not death. And I say, stop, in the name of God," Benedict said.

Police in London were still working in the underground tunnels to remove bodies trapped in train wreckage and search for clues as to who was responsible for the attacks that killed some 50 people and wounded more than 700 others.