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King Fahd's Funeral To Be Held Today

King Fahd (l) in 1994 and Crown Prince Abdullah in 1997 2 August 2005 (RFE/RL) --The funeral takes place today of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd.

Fahd died on 1 August of pneumonia, after he had been in hospital since May. He was believed to have been 83.

Fahd will be buried in an unmarked and simple grave in keeping with Saudi Arabia's conservative Islamic tradition.

There will be no mourning period, in line with Wahhabism, which unquestionably accepts God's will.

The leaders of Syria, Pakistan, and other Muslim states will attend funeral prayers at a Riyadh mosque along with Saudi royals and influential tribal leaders.

Western leaders and dignitaries are due to arrive to offer condolences.

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah has been proclaimed Saudi
Arabia's new king. He has been running Saudi Arabia's day-to-day affairs since a stroke debilitated Fahd in 1995.

King Fahd ruled Saudi Arabia since 1982.