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Iran Resumes Some Suspended Nuclear Activities

A file photo of the Isfahan uranium-conversion facility 8 August 2005 -- Iranian officials announced today that the country has resumed nuclear work at its uranium-conversion facility in Isfahan despite international efforts to head off the move that include threats to seek sanctions with the UN Security Council.

The vice president of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammad Saidi, made the announcement today at the facility. Fars New Agency reported that the partial work includes the insertion of uranium yellowcake into the processing line.

The work is being conducted under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), whose team is installing surveillance cameras at the Isfahan facility. Iranian officials have said that full work will resume as soon as the installation is complete and seals are broken.

All activities at the Isfahan facility had been suspended since November following an agreement between Iran, on one hand, and the United Kingdom, France, and Germany to engage in talks over the nuclear dispute.

Those three EU members, who have been engaged in nuclear talks with Iran, have warned against the resumption of work at Isfahan and said that Tehran could be referred to the UN Security Council for sanctions.

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