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Multiple Bomb Attacks In Baghdad Kill, Injure Dozens

15 September 2005 -- A series of bomb attacks have struck Baghdad today, killing at least 23 Iraqis.

The explosions follow a devastating rash of suicide car bombings and shootings in Iraq yesterday that killed around 150 people and wounded hundreds more.

Today's earliest attack killed 16 people, most of them policemen. A car bomber attacked an emergency-response police patrol in the southern district of Dura.

A second attack wounded two U.S. soldiers in the east of the city.

In the third attack , one or more suicide bombers attacked another police patrol in Dura, killing at least seven policemen.

Authorities said the attacks have left dozens of people wounded.

Loyalists of Al-Qaeda associate Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi claimed responsibility for yesterday's attacks. An audiotape posted on the Internet and purporting to carry a message from al-Zarqawi declared "all-out war" on Iraq's Shi'ite majority.


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