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Eight Security Forces, Five Rebels Killed In Chechnya

15 September 2005 -- Officials in the pro-Russian Chechen government said today that violence in Chechnya during the past 24 hours has killed one Russian soldier and seven police officers as well as five separatist rebels.

Members of the Chechen administration said the Russian forces in Chechnya reported a total of 30 attacks over a 24-hour period during which one soldier was killed and five wounded.

Yesterday, a Chechen police car hit a bomb near Oulous-Kert, east of the capital Grozny, killing two officers and injuring two others.

Elsewhere, a gun battle between police and Chechen separatists barricaded in a building in Argun, also east of Grozny, led to the deaths of five Russian and Chechen police officers.

Five Chechen rebels were also killed in the clash.